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Pangolins is a unique animal and is now classified as endangered animals, they are included in the class of mammals. He was classified as nocturnal animals as pangolins active at night and hide during the day in the nest, usually lodged by making holes in the ground or other animals occupy the former hole.

Length of body shape and skin scaly pangolins, pangolins newborn skin is not hard but after two days the skin will begin to harden. Pangolins has a snout with a small mouth and long tongue and has no teeth.
What is unique from animals pangolins is, he will ball his body if they feel threatened to form a round like a ball that hard. Pangolins also have anal scent glands that emit out, foul-smelling liquid. it is intended to protect themselves from predators.

Its main food is ants and other small insects. Pangolins will use his long tongue and lymph glandulous to catch its prey, so prey will glue on the tongue, it is most effective in the hunt for food inside a small hole, such as ants and termites in the house. Pangolins hunt their prey by using the sense of smell
This Pangolins can be found in southeast Asia and Africa, tropical rain forest area.
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For more details see the pictures below pangolins;

photo by Nigel J. Dennis
Pangolins was body furl
source image pangolins
source image by AWF

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