Sunday, December 4, 2011

Angora Rabbits

One type of rabbit that has a long coat and dense, like angora cat. Angora rabbits have a characteristic hair that grows in the ear tip and forefoot, along with the long hair found on her body. Rabbits have a funny appearance, soft fur makes it look like a doll. So the rabbit includes pet toys.
Angora rabbit fur color varies widely and is also a combination and mixture of other colors. Very rapid growth of fur that is 2.5 cm per month
Weight of adult angora rabbits around 2kg - 4.5 kg

Care and Grooming
Long angora rabbit hair care needs, but we must often comb it we also need to cut it to make it look more tidier.

There are many types of angora rabbits, namely English anggora, Satin anggora, Chinese anggora, anggora Swiss, Finnish anggora, French anggora, German anggora, Giant anggora

Pictures Of Angora Rabbits

angora rabbit
angora rabbit
angora rabbit
angora rabbit
pictures angora rabbit from pluspets

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