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Ocicat evolved from two popular breeds are the Abyssinian and Siamese. In 1964, Virginia Daly, a cat breeder from Berkeley, Mich., raising Abyssinian cats with Siamese and produced kittens. Furthermore, two strains were crossed with the American Shorthair and Ocicat cats produce.
Ocicat Cats interest because it is similar to Ocelot cat the endangered, but the Ocicat cat has a tail that is longer than any other cat. (source history Ocicat)
  • Appearance

Ocicat is a domestic cat but the race that resembles a wild cat has no blood though Ocicat has a temperament like a wild and domestic cats. Ocicat is a large cat with a big bone and muscle athletic appearance. Ocicat bodied dense, hard and rather long-bodied with a full body.
Ocicat has short hair, smooth, and satin, in a typical pattern seen with the markings on the head, spine, legs and tail. Ocicat coat color comes in many colors, including chocolate, chocolate, cinnamon, silver, and blue. Ocicat males weigh about 9-14 pounds, while for female Ocicat approximately 6-9 pounds.
  • Behavior
Ocicat including a smart cat, so easy in practice. Energetic behavior of the cat she likes to jump into the cabinet and other high places to check out their neighborhood, walking on the rope, and respond to voice commands owners. Ocicat is kind of amazing because Ocicat cats can adapt well to new pets and for children. Ocicats will adapt to family life that will get him. Do not leave cats ocicat home alone in a long time, because maybe he will run away from your home.

picture of Ocicat

Behavior of cats ocicat video

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