Wednesday, October 19, 2011

American Pitbull Terrier

American pitbull terrier dog is a breed of dog fighter, popular in the late 19th century. These dogs are deliberately bred as fighting dogs. Adu dog is indeed a very popular spectacle in the reign of Queen Victoria of England.
In fact, american pitbull terrier dog is a purebred breed of dog, with no cross with other breeds, because the american pitbull terrier dog is "The Original Bulldog" which has existed since centuries to 15-16, and is the next generation of Molossus, a popular dog in Roman times.
  • Appearance
American pitbull terrier dog has a stout body and muscular. american pitbull terrier strong boned, has a skull shape resembles an egg slices. American pitbull terrier ears are standing upright, with eyes small and close together. American pitbull terrier has short hair and smooth. the American pitbull terrier coat color is usually white with a plain white or brown or black head markings, or stripes, or brown, with brown or white chest (blaze), feet and tip of tail.
  • Temperament
American pitbull terrier is an intelligent dog. American pitbull terrier is a loyal dog and will always strive to please their owners. American pitbull terrier dog is also a sweet, full of curiosity, clever, wanting attention. American pitbull terrier can be aggressive toward other dogs, then the American pitbull terrier should be in control as well. American pitbull terrier has a submissive nature and the American pitbull terrier is suitable for use as guard dogs. although looks fierce but american pitbull terrier is a friendly dog.
  • American Pitbull Terrier Care
Because the short-haired american pitbull terrier is no need to clean their feathers frequently. Pitbull in bathing if it is needed.

American Pitbull Terrier Pictures

american pitbull terrier
american pitbull terrier
american pitbull terrier
american pitbull terrier
american pitbull terrier

Dogs are the most loyal to his employer. Despite fierce dog aggressive with other people or animals around, before he became the owner of a very obedient animal. Getting a dog than as our friends or friends of children playing, dogs can also be useful as a guard, especially if the area of ​​our homes are a lot of artifacts region of wild animals. Therefore dogs become the most popular pet.

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