Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ragdoll Cats

ragdoll cat
Ragdoll Cat history began in 1963. The story began when a ragdoll in Ann Baker who often borrowed from the neighbors cat named Blackie (the parent has a white Persian cat) and also his brother Daddy Warbucks but a different father. Ann then crossed and produce a new race called ragdoll. Until then he is establishing a special organization for ragdoll lovers. Then there is the husband and wife bought a pair of IRCA Ragdoll and intend to create standards and stabilize the properties of genetic Ragdoll to be accepted by all cat associations fans.
  • Appearance
Ragdoll cats are long-bodied with a solid bone. ragdoll has a long tail and the tail slightly pointed at the tip were taken with an angle higher than the back. ragdoll cat head width with a rounded snout. Ragdoll has a large oval eyes and blue. Ragdoll ear width and slightly rounded at the tips of his ears. Contained fur color pda ragdoll namely: Color point, Mitted, and bicolor. Ragdoll kittens are white at birth and will appear other colors when 3 years old.
  • Temmperament
Ragdoll cats are domesticated cats that are very good. Ragdoll properties which would lie makes it very funny. Ragdoll cats are highly adaptable to humans. Ragdoll cats are tame. Ragdoll cat is a cat that has a very friendly nature. Ragdoll cats are cats who are obedient. Ragdoll is also intelligent and quickly learn besides ragdoll easy to socialize.
  • Grooming
Ragdoll in grooming does not require frequent sweeping the his coat, because his coat is long and thick. Do not forget to provide sufficient nutrients to maintain health and provide vaccinations for their feathers in order not to fall out.

ragdoll cat
Ragdoll Cats

ragdoll cat
Cute Ragdoll Kittens

ragdoll catragdoll cat
Ragdoll Cat Pictures

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